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Completely Managed. Viable. Sustainable.

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Custom designed packaging

Sustainability Consulting

Your pathway to reducing paper, plastic, and single-use materials for your business.

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From cardboard to the core.

Colorstone is a family-owned company with operations in China and Australia, specialising in packaging and printing fulfillment services.

We understand the importance of delivering quality products on time, every time, which is why we have put together a team of experts with over 50 years of combined industry experience.

Our state-of-the-art printing technology allows us to print high-quality sustainable packaging at competitive prices, while our commitment to customer service ensures that you receive the best possible service every time you deal with us.

Experience and guidance,
every stage to fulfilment.

01. Research

Teams combining experience and expertise find the right solution for your new or existing projects. We provide guidance and insights to help you procure the perfect packaging for your needs.

02. Design

Senior designers and engineers work together to evaluate product requirements and create concepts and solutions that fit your product and brand.

03. Develop

Before mass production begins, it is important to test packaging with your product. This can be done by developing and prototyping sample packaging. By doing this, you can identify and correct errors before large quantities are produced.

04. Production

We provide a clear overview of each stage of production, transparent software interfaces and production milestones that help keep projects on track and on schedule. This is extremely useful for ensuring the timely completion of projects.

05. Quality

Inspection, assessment and reporting is carried out at key stages of pre and post-production, capturing and eliminating defaults before goods are handed over.

06. Fulfillment

Reliable logistics partners and warehouse services are essential to ensuring timely handover and fulfillment of goods. Post-sale storage, pick-and-pack, and distribution services are also available to support your needs.

Get APCO ready.

Pre/post-consumer waste defined with each product.

Learn more about sustainable definitions
  • Implement ARL symbols to your packaging
  • Monitor and report on material usages
  • Set targets, reduce carbon footprint

Achieve sustainable targets.
More transparency, less greenwashing.

Custom designed packaging


from concept to creation.

Tailored packaging design and development,
fit to purpose.

Managed packaging solutions.

From startups to large enterprises.

Some of our clients that we proudly service.