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Enhance your business's sustainability efforts with a comprehensive packaging audit, meticulously assessing primary and secondary materials across all products.


50+ years direct experience in material sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, and logistics, we're your trusted partner for effective sustainability initiatives.

Case Study

Driving Sustainable Transformation:
Our Impact with Hanes.

Through our strategic consulting partnership with Hanes, a leading enterprise brand, we have achieved remarkable results in advancing sustainability initiatives within their packaging operations. By leveraging our expertise, we successfully optimised their cardboard projects, resulting in a remarkable reduction of material consumption by over 80%. Furthermore, we spearheaded initiatives to eliminate plastics from their display range entirely, aligning with their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

These efforts have not only contributed to significant environmental benefits but have also generated substantial cost savings for Hanes, totaling over 250,000 USD within a span of 12 months. Our collaborative approach and innovative solutions have positioned Hanes as a sustainability leader in their industry, driving meaningful change and long-term value.


Percent reduction in display materials


Post-consumer recycled materials utilised


$USD Annual savings achieved

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