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Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard Mailer Boxes
Kraft Linerboard
Cardboard Mailer Boxes Cardboard Mailer Boxes
White Linerboard
Cardboard Mailer Boxes Cardboard Mailer Boxes
White Linerboard Top, Kraft Linerboard Bottom

Corrugated cardboard is a type of paperboard that is made of three layers of fiberboard sandwiched between two sheets of linerboard. The corrugated part of the name comes from the wavy lines that are pressed into the middle layer of the fiberboard. This wavy layer gives the cardboard its strength and makes it more resistant to bending and tearing.

Corrugated Cardboard is a cost-effective and versatile material that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable. Made from a high content of post-consumer recycled material, it does not require a lot of energy to produce therefore reducing the environmental footprint.

Corrugated cardboard is commonly applied to cardboard boxes, which are perfect for storage and shipping items, as they are strong and protect the contents from damage.

Finishes available
Kraft linerboard
White kraft linerboard
CCNB (gloss coated) linerboard
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Wood pulp
Approximately 85% Recycled Content
Surface Coating
Uncoated or coated linerboard
Papermill Composition Data Sheet
Single Wall Flute
Double Wall Flute

Flute, Liner, Board. Mounting Properties

Kraft Linerboard Surface
Kraft outer linerboard
Paper fluting medium
Kraft inner linerboard
White Linerboard Surface
White outer linerboard
Kraft paper outer liner
Paper fluting medium
White inner linerboard
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