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Packaging pumps up sales

By June 29, 2022May 28th, 2024Packaging Tips3 min read

Packaging pumps

up Sales.

The Results

“Forty percent of shoppers say they would be somewhat more likely or much more likely to purchase from a retailer again if they ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package.”

Results taken from Dotcom Distribution eCommerce Packaging Study

First impressions.

Envision a first date. How you spend time making sure you look right, hair is perfect, clothes complimenting, all for the reason of making an impression.

Sure you are a great person with an awesome personality, thoughtful and caring with the best smile in town. But that takes time to unveil properly, the first impression is what you spend hours in the bathroom getting ready for. So, how is your product’s packaging any different to when you are driving it to your buyer?

All your time building your business and perfecting products, it’s only natural in wanting to capture your passion with a first impression to your buyer. That ‘first impression’ is delivered through your packaging, and so the first date begins.


Forty-three percent of consumers say that say gift-like packaging is extremely important or very important for luxury purchases


Fifty percent of shoppers say the use of branded or gift-like packaging for online orders makes them to recommend the product to friends


29 percent said they would be more likely to make a repeat purchase with a brand that offered premium packaging

Packaging, its like buying new outfits for your products.

So now we have seen some stats on how packaging plays an important role, what do we do?

My suggestion is get back to basics, what are some core beliefs for your brand?
Is it loud, it it subtle, is it BOLD, is it about the environment? Note down these concepts and try to capture them in the packaging design. So when your buyer meets your product for the first time, they get a warm fuzzy re-assuring feeling as to why they bought you in the first place.

Now, its not always about blowing the budget with the gold plated packaging (although that makes me happy). Simplicity is fine provided that you choose the right medias that compliment the design.
For example, if you are a business serving natural and earthly products, using raw kraft paper will help compliment that range whilst not being overly expensive. It even pops with just one color printing!

Its time to get creative and think about how you dress up your products, just think of packaging being like a shopping spree for new outfits. Dressed to the nines and ready to hit the town.

How packaging impacts brand perception:

Makes the brand 100% seem more upscale


Gets me more excited about receiving the package


Reinforces that the product was worth the cost


Reinforces that the brand is for people like me


John Kokkinos

Born and raised in Melbourne, John's roots in the packaging and printing industry run deep, shaped by a family legacy of craftsmanship and innovation. With over three decades of dedicated experience, he has honed his expertise in print packaging, demonstrating exceptional skill in managing production lines with finesse. John's professional journey has led him to China, where he spent more than 20 years spearheading the establishment and optimisation of packaging facilities. Renowned for his leadership and industry acumen, he has earned a reputation as a trusted leader and innovator in the field.